Spartan Clothesline Fresh™ 16 Liquid Alkali - 55 Gal.

Item # SPR-7016-55-DM

  • Extremely concentrated laundry builder that prepares the fabric for the washing process by raising the pH of the wash water.
  • Specifically formulated for use in large laundry facilities
  • Ideal choice when washing dietary linen and napery
55 Gal. Drum, ea
Alternate #7016-55
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Raising the pH of the wash water accelerates the washing process by allowing individual fibers of a fabric to open up and begin releasing entrapped soil particles.

  • A highly alkaline product that contains biodegradable water softening agents to aid in the washing process as well as boost detergent performance.
  • Has anti-redeposition polymers built in to help suspend oil and greasy soils in the wash water.
  • User friendly packaging. Packaged in translucent pails and drums. This package allows you to reorder with ease and always have the right amount of product on hand because it allows product level to be seen.
  • This product is for use in tunnel washers, large industrial laundries, and food and beverage laundries.