IPC Eagle CT80 Rider Scrubber - 24", 240AH, External Charger

IPC Eagle CT80 Rider Scrubber - 24", 240AH, External Charger

Item # IPC-CT80BT60P

  • Anti-foam system with special electromechanical suction motor protection. Automatic suction stop when the tank is full.
  • Solution tank: 21 Gal.; Recovery tank: 22 Gal.
  • Number of brushes: 2; Squeegee width: 37.1"
  • 240 AH battery; External charger; Pad drivers
24", 240 AH, External Charger, ea
Alternate #CT80BT60P-240

Solution distribution from brush center reduces solution waste. Self-leveling electronic system provides even pressure between brush and floor. Squeegee designed for the highest drying and productivity results. Easy to use due to intuitive commands. AutoStop. Deactivation and re-start of water, vacuum and brush by traction pedal. Brushes, blades and suction hose replacement without tools. Detergent dosing system allows consistent savings on chemical products. Tank easily removable. Tank can be easily tilted to check the internal areas of the machine.

240 AH battery; External charger; Pad drivers.


  • Boards are equipped with protective film against water and humidity.
  • Solenoid valve with Viton membrane resistant against chemicals.
  • Large display with multi-language, and complete with hour meter, battery level and working programs.
  • Memory Card: collect data on machine usage, batteries charge cycles, motors absorptions.
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