Spartan Clean on the Go® 3-Sink Dispensing System

Spartan Clean on the Go® 3-Sink Dispensing System

Item # SPR-9056-EA

  • Two button dispensing unit with E-Gap eductors, 6' black water inlet hose, 14' tubing, 4' discharge assembly, 1/2" hose hooks, bilingual Procedure Chart.
  • Includes bilingual wash, mounting hardware
  • Includes rinse and sanitize mylar sink decals
  • Includes 2 punched caps w/inserts and 2 rubber gaskets
Alternate #9056

Also includes installed preset metering tips, installation directions.

Spartan's Clean on the Go 3-Sink chemical management system is engineered for the proper dilution of a 1/4 oz per gallon with the pre-set measuring tips already installed for Super-Glo detergent and Sani-T-10 sanitizer.

Simply push each product's respective button and the 3-sink system dispenser automatically dilutes 1/4 ounce of product per 1 gallon of water accurately. Fill sinks to the desired level.

Sink #1 (Wash Sink)

  • Fill with hot water (140C-160F) and Super-Glo. Use 1/4 oz./gal.
  • Change detergent solution, as soil load becomes apparent

Sink #2 (Rinse Sink)

  • Fill with clear hot water.
  • Change rinse water often

Sink #3 (Sanitizing Sink)

  • Fill with hot water and Sani-T-10. Use 1/4 oz./gal.
  • Test sanitizer solution often
  • Test with quat check (QT 10 Hydrion Papers) test strips to 200 ppm of quaternary ammonium chlorides.
  • Change solution as often as necessary to maintain proper sanitizer/water ratio or when water becomes visibly dirty.
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